A new digital magazine for extraordinary short fiction inspired by the latest scientific discoveries.
All of our stories are inspired by breaking science news, recent science headlines, the latest discoveries, and new scientific theories and hypothesis.

It's speculative scientific fiction of the moment, from every branch of science - cosmic to subatomic, living cell to the frontiers of AI.

Write for Antimatter

If your imagination was sparked by a recent scientific discovery, theory, or wild hypothesis, turn it into a story and send it to Antimatter.

Everyone is invited to publish, and we pay for every post.

Guidelines & How it Works

+ Write a story based on a recent science headline, discovery, theory, or new concept.

+ We strongly prefer very short stories – less than 800 words.

+ For longer stories, please get in touch.

+ Antimatter pays $25 per accepted story under 800 words.

+ You will receive notice if your story is accepted within five days of submission.

+ Payment is sent within 21 days of notice of acceptance.

+ Antimatter will also promote your story via social media, potentially including paid posts.

+ Optionally, your bio and a link to your website and social profiles will be listed on AntimatterZine.com.
Launching 01.26.17
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