Antimatter Magazine publishes scientific flash fiction and story experiments linked to current science headlines and discoveries.

Antimatter stories are sparked by every type of science — exploring the cosmic to subatomic, living cells to the frontiers of AI.

It’s science fiction of the moment, on a platform that welcomes deep imagining and narrative experimentation.

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” — Muriel Rukeyser


Creative Director

Edward is a writer and producer who loves gathering people around the digital campfire to share the experience of unforgettable stories, well told.

Professionally and creatively, Edward is fascinated by immersive story experiences – especially those linked to real-world events.

He also has a life-long interest in the aesthetics, culture, and practice of science. (His first job was cataloging owl pellets at a science museum.)

The intersection of story, science, and digital platforms is seen across much of his recent work with Labocine, Antimatter Mag, and some of the projects produced at Narrative Effect.

Edward is based in Burlington, Vermont, with frequent trips to Brooklyn, Seattle, and Montreal.


Managing Editor

Christina has a hard time making up her mind, but her life is sometimes the better for it. After doggedly pursuing a business degree for four years, training in a corporate management program for one, then working in documentary film for another, she finally finds herself standing contentedly at the intersection of art and science.

In her life outside Antimatter, she works as a Fellow at Imagine Science Films and curates spotlights for the science film network, Labocine, where she works with Ed.

Outside of Imagine and Labocine, she illustrates people and dreams, and practices animation. Her favorite first chapter is from Sophie’s Choice by William Styron, and her latest flash fiction obsession is the work of Jen Michalski.

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination.” — John Dewey