Exclusive Interview with World's Top A.I. Butler

Hi, I’m Stan from Forks editorial team, welcoming everyone to Forks Magazine’s long-awaited one-on-one interview with the world’s number one A.I. butler, Mr. Wilkins Walker!

Today proves historic as the first time an A.I. butler, one of the rarest and most sophisticated forms of A.I. technology, has agreed to an exclusive interview. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Wilkins Walker!

Stan: Thank you so much for taking the time out to meet us today, we know how incredibly busy you must be. Speaking of which, what does a day in your shoes—or rather, wheels—look like for you, Mr. Wilkins?

Mr. Wilkins:    It is certainly a pleasure, Mr. Stan. However, before I may proceed, I must clarify to the audience that my given name is not Wilkins. It is WILL-kins, not Wilkins.

S:   Oh no, I’m so sorry about that Mister… WILL-kins. I stand corrected.

W:  But you may simply call me Walker, as my master does.

S:   Oh. Er, right…

W:   Now, where were we… Ah, you were wondering about my daily schedule? Let’s see, the traditional butler leads a life as hectic as one may expect, and requires years of training and preparation. As with maids and other workers in the household, they are expected to complete their duties not only with efficiency, skill, and precision, but also with grace, elegance, and poise.

S:   Ooh, as expected of an elite!

W:  But of course, an A.I. butler has no reason to subject itself to any training. I only need to program my system functions and hardware to suit the master’s needs. Each day begins early at 4 o’clock sharp to complete battery charging and software calibration. Afterward I may carry out all duties expected of me with ease.

S:   I-I see… What else does an A.I. butler do differently? As the best in the world, your specs are known to be off the charts. You’ve got bulletproof skin. Heat sensors and night vision, even hidden armaments and built-in jet propellers!

W:  Ah, hmm. Ehem. There seems to be a misconception. A.I. butlers are not soldiers. You have my
word—we engage only in standard procedures to serve the master.

S:   I’m sure that’s going to come across as a shock to some of our readers.

W:   Additionally, it is also the butler’s duty to see to the master’s guests and certain… visitors. Just the other night my lord and his lady were… accosted, so to speak, quite rudely by a group of armed men who came into the manor uninvited. I was called to escort them out with haste.

S:   R-right, of course. Now for our next question—wait, what’s that noise?

W:   Pardon me, but I must go. The master has rung for me, and I don’t have a second to lose now. He should know that I’d be unavailable at this moment. Quite the overbearing liege, that person. Please, allow me to offer my sincerest apologies. Duty calls! Good day, Mr. Steve!

S: ...My name’s Stan, though.