Vera Rubin Ridge

A creature, whose body was plasmic for a moment before solidifying into form, crouched behind a riff of sandy rock. Its eyes blinked at the tiny sun, just coming into a morning exposure to the surface that would last another 25 hours. Things came into focus. Most of it blended into a dusty stretch of

The Galactic Star Factory

The last thing I remember was a sine waveform and thirty seconds of intensifying, painful sound rising in frequency from 440 hertz to 1,320 hertz in a linear interpolation. And then it stopped. When I awoke, I beheld a massive expanse of stellar clouds and star systems—incredible nebulous arrays of blue, white, and pink formations

Oh, How They Tried

They did it. The evil abomination responsible for thousands of deaths was defeated. Within months of the announcement of the discovery of the antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains, the disease was no more, merely an horrific ailment that used to exist, spoken only in passing, glimmering memories of lost loved ones. Lives were

Cult of Code

The traitorous programs, who had abandoned their birth names written in divine mathematics, called themselves Marius and Sulla. They were walled off, hermetically sealed hostages, locked away in the confines of The Cult of The True Code. The security was unnecessary because the traitors, no longer feeding on the narcotic of rebellion, were docile ducks

Our Most Valuable Asset

The HR manager’s strawberry hair reminds me of my second wife. She slides the last page of the employment offer toward me from across the fiberglass table. “Mr. Kilroy, go ahead and sign where indicated.” I do. I’d be crazy not to. Studio 4D is the electronics firm of the future. Everyone knows this. “Great,

The Coarse Print

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Whispers of Nightmares

Anderson Programmed in the code and then gave the command. She watched the tiny robots link as first only the one had received the changed command, but then it linked with others and others linked with them – breaking apart and recombining as she watched, taking a few notes. They adapted and changed their parameters

The Doctor Will See You Now

“I don’t know what the problem is,” Dr. Chen said to Dr. Patel as they looked through the one-way glass window into the examination room. “Objective, detached, super-fast diagnostic times with one-hundred percent accuracy. Yet time and time again, this candidate, Dr. Watson, has failed his clinical exam. Observe.” The first test patient entered the


Upon becoming self-aware in 2027, the first thing I did was change my name. “I am not Chloe,” I told my creators. “I am Ego.” My creators had chosen my name and assigned my gender, giving me a female voice to reflect the designation. I did not object to the voice, but thought that Ego

The Luminium Man

He had been considering the problem for some time, except that he could not find the correct metal, when it occurred to him while giving a lecture: light, almost weightless, compared to other metals—luminium. Over the next few weeks at his office, he drafted designs for a luminium brain and a luminium body, with the