Finley read the notice boards of the ship’s looking for workers on Armstrong station. There was a heavy transport hauling large farm animals from Earth to Mars. They needed a general worker, aka. A shit shoveler. But Finley was an enviro mechanic, fixing hydroponics to the transduce drive and tweaking gravity generators. There- quick money,


You grew up watching Carl Sagan’s documentaries… you know every word of Kurt Cobain’s interviews… you tremble at Fidel Castro’s speeches… but have you heard them… IN THE FLESH? Visit now the National Museum of Genomic Revival, where hundreds of carefully grown and groomed clones make history literally alive! Here you can: be beaten at

Into The Land of the Jackalope

People thought it was a joke, and I laugh, myself, when I hear tales of the North American jackalope. A cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope, the first one really was created for a hotel in Douglas, Wyoming, as a joke by a taxidermist, who took the horns of a deer (not an antelope)

Hurricane Madness

“Scientists leave ongoing experiments behind to evacuate ahead of Irma.” That was the headline. While it was not fake news, it was not one hundred percent correct. I was not left behind. As a class AAA AI robot, my maker was prepping me to figure out hurricanes, learn to walk into the heart of them,