Do You Believe in Aliens?

Some people think that all scientists are the same, blowing things up in labs and creating spaceships in their backyards. My phone rang. It was my old college roommate, Kate. “Hey Kate, what’s up?” “So, did you hear that message from space?” Kate was one of those people. She didn’t understand that I didn’t work

A Park Full of Sun

The day began flawlessly in Walt Disney, Florida—formerly Bay Lake, Florida. It boasted the clear sky and sunshine that appeared on all the advertisements. Dan Bacall stepped into Epcot the moment it opened. Standing where they could take in the grand view, he lifted his two children into his arms and hugged them. “Smell that?

Memories Of

Over my long life I’ve gratefully forgotten many things. Tedious jobs, rivalries, illnesses. Boring commutes, long meetings, calls on hold, blowhard bosses. It’s funny how memory works. For decades I hated my wife’s cooking. But looking back, I can hardly remember what was so bad about any of those meals. They all blend together. Thousands

A Fratricide

The evidence shows that this is how the murder was committed: Schmar, the murderer, took up his post about nine o’clock one night in clear moonlight by the corner where Wese, his victim, had to turn from the street where his office was into the street he lived in. The night air was shivering cold.