Humanity is Entering a Confusing Time: the Age of the Bizarrely Intelligent Robots

Interacting with other humans is hard enough for most of us. How on Earth can we get along with awkward, unfeeling robots? By being prepared, that’s how.

Welcome to the world of human-robot interaction, in which people have to adapt to the machines as much as the machines have to adapt to us.

Robots need to figure out ways to engender trust. And that brings us to an ethical quandary: What happens when robots begin to take advantage of that trust?

Plenty of robots, especially those meant for the home, will be mighty charming. In the near term, they’ll act more like pets, following us around and keeping us company.

In the long term, they’ll get better and better at manipulating our world, doing things like lifting the elderly out of bed. That may seem affectionate, but a robot can’t genuinely return your affection; its love is a calculation, not an emotion.

It’s only a matter of time before a robotmaker figures out how to exploit that nonreciprocal relationship.This will be particularly problematic for children and the elderly, who may not understand the nature of their robotic bond.

Source: You Aren’t Ready for the Weirdness of Working With Robots | WIRED