ANTIMATTER is a new digital magazine for stories inspired by the latest scientific news, discoveries, and emerging theories.

It’s speculative scientific fiction of the moment. Stories on ANTIMATTER are sparked by every branch of science — cosmic to subatomic, living cell to the frontiers of AI.

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of the imagination.” — John Dewey

Our scientific flash fiction uses current science news to frame stories that spark further exploration and, most importantly, extended imagining.
It’s scientific fiction of the moment, on a platform that welcomes creative experimentation.

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In an ideal world this text wouldn’t exist, a client would acknowledge the importance of having web copy before the design starts. Needless to say it’s very important, content is king and people are beginning to understand that. However, back over in reality some project schedules and budgets don’t allow for web copy to be written before the design phase, this is sad but true. We’re here to help, we’ve written examples of web copy for over 40 industries for you to use at concept phase of your projects to bring a little life and realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want clients and designers alike to think about their graphic design.

Our Team