Project Copper Fly (CLASSIFIED)

I downloaded this file from the website 4chan, but it has since been deleted, with no trace of it being found anywhere else online, and I can’t find any trace of the user who posted the original message either. What do I do with this? Is this a joke?

User name “ICS3cr3tsII” wrote: “I found this file after hacking some shithead with a Russian IP
address. Have no idea if it’s real or not. Can someone check this out and get back to me?”


Begin Transmission:
June 23, 1972
From the Office of
Richard McGarrah Helms

Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency
Internal Memo



This memo is to inform all relevant personnel that Project Copper Fly has been deemed successful.

All recruitment and training of operations officers is to cease effective immediately. All assets are currently frozen.

Within the next 72 hours, all relevant personnel will be receiving an AFP. Wear this in an inconspicuous place and keep it on your person at all times. This device will deactivate Copper Flies within a thirty-foot radius.

Due to the sensitive nature of Project Copper Fly, the operation will permanently remain clandestine, and is clean to our current knowledge.

Further information to be sent shortly.

OTP: 34 – 4 – 38 – 94 – 3 – 2 – 58 – 88 – 26 – 9 – 17 – 73 – 12 – 5

End Transmission.

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This is interesting! Rumors about Project Copper Fly have been around for decades. As far as the memo goes, this would seem to indicate that there have been no spies in the CIA since 1972.

Have you ever met a spy? They only exist in movies. Spying on citizens has been done with tiny drones and nanobots for longer than anyone knows. This really pisses me off!

The term AFP is unknown, but some people speculate it stands for American Flag Pin, lol.

An OTP is a One Time Pad, a sequence of numbers that are used to decrypt a secret message
one time only, as the name implies.

On a side note, the CIA isn’t exactly known for being inventive or clever when picking names for their projects. Have you ever seen a shiny-looking copper fly flying around your house? I will certainly be on the lookout for them after reading this memo. This is a clear violation of our privacy!

-(name withheld)

And this is the scary one:


You’ve got it all wrong. Copper Flies aren’t spies. They’re assassins.
Copper Flies are used to inject lethal doses of synthetic fentanyl into targets, causing death in minutes.

Here, let me show you.

The science article that inspired this story: Why Fentanyl Could Become the UK’s Most Dangerous Drug