You grew up watching Carl Sagan’s documentaries…
you know every word of Kurt Cobain’s interviews…
you tremble at Fidel Castro’s speeches…
but have you heard them…

Visit now the National Museum of Genomic Revival,
where hundreds of carefully grown and groomed clones make history literally alive!

Here you can:

be beaten at chess by Emanuel Lasker!
try your swordsmanship against Simón Bolívar!
listen to Shakespeare recite his sonnets in authentic 16th-century accent!
be thrilled by Yma Súmac’s natural vocal range of five octaves!
study the numerous birth defects that brought down Charles II of Spain’s lineage!
hear St. Paul’s letters preached by St. Paul himself!
learn to play the guitar from none other than King Elvis!
admire the breasts of Catherine Moylan, the first Miss Universe!
personally ask Saint Rose of Viterbo what it’s like to live with Cantrell syndrome!
attend a lesson on political science taught by Confucius!
fall in love with the rare double eyelashes of Elizabeth Taylor!
watch Jesse Owens win an Olympic race every day of the year!

and much, much more!

All of our clones have been intensively trained to act the roles
that nobody else could embody better than themselves… themselves.

Outside of ordinary opening times, you can also schedule personalized interviews on historical topics including their day-to-day lives, political context, traditional recipes, and even some salacious gossip.

Our world-class experts in anthropology, linguistics, fine arts, fashion, and medicine supplement the historical knowledge to guarantee you the most realistic experience.

At the National Museum of Genomic Revival,
living history is not a figure of speech anymore.

Not all locations include all characters. Availability of any particular character at any particular location may be subject to a number of factors, including, but not limited to, local interest, historical relevance, and respect for exile sentences. Genetic identity notwithstanding, the persons who perform at branches of this educational institution are not the historical figures they represent. This educational institution is certified to comply with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Chimeric, Electronic, Reconstituted and Artificial Persons.

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