Google’s AlphaGo Zero AI is like an “alien civilization inventing its own mathematics”

Google’s Latest Self-Learning AI Is Like an “Alien Civilisation Inventing Its Own Mathematics” The AI that vanquished humanity at perhaps the most complex traditional game on Earth was inconceivably smart. But not smart enough to survive its own replacement by an even more awesome, alien intelligence. Google’s DeepMind researchers have just announced the next evolution

Cult of Code

The traitorous programs, who had abandoned their birth names written in divine mathematics, called themselves Marius and Sulla. They were walled off, hermetically sealed hostages, locked away in the confines of The Cult of The True Code. The security was unnecessary because the traitors, no longer feeding on the narcotic of rebellion, were docile ducks

Our Most Valuable Asset

The HR manager’s strawberry hair reminds me of my second wife. She slides the last page of the employment offer toward me from across the fiberglass table. “Mr. Kilroy, go ahead and sign where indicated.” I do. I’d be crazy not to. Studio 4D is the electronics firm of the future. Everyone knows this. “Great,

Tech Titans Call to Stamp Out Killer Robots – MIT Technology Review

An open letter published today from 116 technologists, including DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman and (predictably) Elon Musk, calls on the United Nations to ban the development and use of autonomous weapons. The note warns that killer robots “threaten to become the third revolution in warfare.”It continues: “Once developed, they will permit armed conflict to be fought The note