The Coarse Print

This document has been marked as Mandatorily Human Readable under the Digital Consumer Responsibility Act 2042 to ensure that you read this – DOCUBOT SCANNING IS DISABLED FOR THIS DOCUMENT. ScriptLogic Inc. apologizes for the inconvenience.

Please read this Coarse Print document carefully BEFORE imprinting your scriptor. ScriptLogic wishes you success in your writing adventures with your new scriptor.

Please visit the Scriptor Writing Showcase to explore the writing capabilities of your scriptor. Your docubot will keep your feeds updated about the current trends in scriptor writing. ScriptLogic sponsors an annual anthology of the best writing produced by the entire spectrum of human-scriptor interaction.

If you wish to beta-test our experimental scriptor models, please contact our helpbots. We are looking for beta-testers for our adaptive-imprinting and neuronal interfacing technologies.

All human-scriptor interactions are governed by the Prevention Of Cruelty to Sentients Act 2056 which certifies scriptors as Turing Type 7a Sentients. ScriptLogic is committed to providing safe and pleasant working conditions for scriptors. ScriptLogic takes a strong stand against discrimination towards non-human sentients above Turing Type 2b.

Only legally adult humans (sentients of Turing Type 11 and above) who successfully complete ScriptLogic’s standardized human-sentient interaction training are eligible for scriptor imprinting.

Scriptor imprinting is sensitive to initial conditions. Serotonin management therapies are highly recommended if you imprint your scriptor during periods of stress or emotional imbalance. If, for religious/personal/medical reasons, you do not use these drugs, please be aware that your scriptor’s performance may suffer.

Scriptor ownership is not transferable due to the unique constraints imposed by the imprinting process. Scriptors cannot be imprinted with multiple humans, or with any non-human sentients.
Modifying or erasing any part of the code base of a scriptor is a criminal offence under Prevention Of Cruelty to Sentients Act 2056.

Scriptors should NOT be switched off once activated. Switching off a scriptor erases all imprinting permanently, and constitutes a gross violation of the Prevention Of Cruelty to Sentients Act 2056.
ScriptLogic Inc offers customizable buy-back schemes for your scriptor. Disposing off your scriptor in any other way violates the Digital Consumer Responsibility Act 2042.

Scriptors are required by the Prevention Of Cruelty to Sentients Act 2056 to maintain logs of all human-scriptor interactions. ScriptLogic retains the right to use these logs for research purposes. ScriptLogic may hand over these logs to the International Digital Security Foundation under the Digital Security Act 2045.

Scriptors work best in isolation. Scriptor group interactions are the subject of ongoing research and cannot be predicted with accuracy. ScriptLogic recommends that you limit the interaction of your scriptor with other scriptors to one or two occasions in a month.

ScriptLogic does not endorse scriptor-scriptor bonding. Attempts to induce pair bonding of scriptors violates the Fair Use Policy and will attract heavy penalties under the Prevention Of Cruelty to Sentients Act 2056.

ScriptLogic recommends that you leave your scriptor in play mode for at least 2 hours in a day. Studies show that scriptor creativity is significantly enhanced by this. Users who leave their scriptors in play mode for 15-20 hours in real-time have reported remarkable improvements in the quality of writing produced in collaboration with their scriptors. ScriptLogic does not endorse these findings – the perceived quality of human-scriptor interactions is highly variable and subjective.

All writing done partially/entirely by scriptors MUST be signed with the scriptor’s digisign. Any attempt to remove the scriptor’s digisign constitutes a gross violation of Fair Use Policy. No material produced with scriptor participation can be certified as Human Authored Content. A scriptor is not a word-processor or a mechanical tool to aid writing. ScriptLogic takes a strong stand against denigrating the collaborative nature of human-scriptor interactions (read the Terms and Conditions for details of relevant legal precedents).

ScriptLogic bears no liability for the ideas and opinions expressed through scriptor authored content. Digital Consumer Responsibility Act 2042 limits liability for scriptor authored content to human imprintors. No sentient below Turing Type 11 can be liable for criminal prosecution.
Please remember to review your data-insurance policies after purchasing or upgrading your scriptor.

Known Issue #1

Scriptors are susceptible to performance lags due to wavelet interference in the presence of Turing Type 2c sentients a.k.a “pilots”. We recommend that you refrain from using scriptors in your personal flyers. No interference issues have been reported with scriptor use in the presence of human augmented sentients in public transport flyers.

Known Issue #2

Scriptor performance is known to degrade in the presence of legal creativity enhancing drugs and subliminal digital prompts (see User Manual for exclusions).