The largest ‘sea dragon’ fossil was hidden a museum archive

The largest fossil ever found of a marine reptile known as “sea dragon” has been rediscovered in a German museum collection.

Two paleontologists just published a study concluding that the fossil, which was found in the 1990s but had not been studied until now, belongs to a specimen that was between 3 meters and 3.3 meters in length and was therefore the largest Ichthyosaurus ever found.

The fossilized reptile was a female and it bears an embryo. ”It amazes me that specimens such as this [the biggest] can still be ‘rediscovered’ in museum collections,” said study co-author and University of Manchester paleontologist Dean Lomax. ‘

The Ichthyosaurus was a marine reptile that lived 200 million years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

Source: ‘Sea dragon’ fossil is ‘largest on record’ – BBC News