Whispers of Nightmares

Anderson Programmed in the code and then gave the command.

She watched the tiny robots link as first only the one had received the changed command, but then it linked with others and others linked with them – breaking apart and recombining as she watched, taking a few notes.

They adapted and changed their parameters to finish the task the had given them. It looked good.

These tiny robots were the basis for her nanites. Nanites to enter a person and fix what ailed them, changing, learning and linking to pass on the information or take shape how they needed to handle a problem.

Anderson straightened her tight back and glanced at the time. 1:35? She’d been at work way too long. It was already the next day.

She shut down the tiny robots as her proof of concept and then stared down at the container holding the nanites. She smiled thinking about it. She couldn’t see them without technological assistance, but they would change the world.

She left for her home and bed.

Dark. it was all dark. So quiet. No noise. No light. Nothing. Empty and dark and she was all alone in it.

She woke from the nightmare almost crying.

She’d been having them for a week now. Never the same. But always so intense. So real. One had been pain. She’d woken as the hammer blow slammed down on her head. She’d jerked awake that time. Sleep didn’t come until the next night. So vivid.

Tomorrow, well, in a few hours, she’d go back to work to present to the CEO her tiny robots and the nanites. She was almost ready.

It was too close to her usual wake up time to worry about more sleep. She headed down stairs to ready coffee. Lot’s of coffee.

She breathed deeply of the aroma as she poured herself a cup.

“Anderson,” whispered in her ear.

She screamed; the cup dropped, shattered on the kitchen floor.

No one was there.

“Lack of sleep,” she said, staring at the mess.

The nanites didn’t smile, but they would have if they could. Learning from her mind; learning her mind. Soon they would have total control.